Dongfeng 12m³ water sprinkler truck

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Sprinkler truck, also known as spray truck, multi-functional sprinkler, landscaping sprinkler truck, water tankers, water trucks. Sprinkler trucks are suitable for rinsing roads, factories and mines construction , high-altitude building, watering trees, green belt and lawn green. With water sprinkling, dust cleaning , high and low spray, pesticide spray, fence rinsing and other functions, but also with water transport , drainage, emergency firefighting and other functions to meet the needs of different users.

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Heavy Duty Water sprinkler Trucks

Wuhan Yangluo Port Service Co., Ltd. brings all new exclusive range of advanced water sprinkler trucks at discounted offers. Our innovative range of water trucks are equipped with forward, backward and sideways water sprinkling jets. The easy to control working platform installed at the back of the truck helps the sprinkler to maneuver the sprinkler at 360 degree angle. Our range of sprinkler trucks are used to shoot high pressure of water, heavy and light artificial rains and controlled drizzling. To maintain high performance and safety standard our sprinkler trucks are equipped with safety guard and the advance design water pump that has the ability of self-priming and automatic draining. Our trucks designs are based on the most advance technology that integrates high power on the sprinklers to offer farther sprinkling range, easy to use and longer service life.

Extra Capacity More Power

Wuhan Yangluo Port Service Co., Ltd offers an extensive range of sprinkler trucks with various tanks capacities to meet diverse customer requirements. With additional water storage capacity we have installed high power, fuel efficient modern engines that deliver unmatchable performance with fuel efficiency. The advance hi-tech engine technology of your trucks makes them best for washing all kinds of roads, tress, lawns, and buildings and huge transportation products. It comes with a multifunctional spray that can be used to adjust the flow of water and to alter water pressure. Unlike standard water sprinkler trucks the WNP water sprinkler truck is equipped with a rear water cannon with a high pressure straight stream shoot of more than 28m range.


Road jetting truck (also called street washer vehicle, high pressure washing truck, jet cleaning truck, street cleaning vehicle, road cleaning truck, high pressure jetting vehicle) is designed for high pressure washing and sanitation of roads. It’s able to remove the stubborn stuff and reduce dust on the road.

The basic accessories for a road jetting truck are: front stainless steel high pressure washing beam, rear sprinkling nuzzles bar, sprayer, etc.


– Dongfegn Kingrun chassis – one of the best and oldest chassis brand in China.
– Cummins engine (American brand), super powerful; reliable performance.
– Nice shape, compact structure
– Italy imported high pressure pump, super powerful, efficient jetting
– Massive, durable, perfect performance
– Prolonged service life


NameWater sprinkler truckTank volume(m³)12
Dimensions(mm)8200x1250x2495Tank dimensions4500x2100x1350
Columnar range(m)≤28Foggy range(m)≤5
Self-priming height (m)≤7Sprinkle width (m)≤20
Total mass (kg)16000Rated load (kg)10465
Curb weight(kg)5340Maximum speed(km/h)90
FueldieselEmission standardChina/Euro Ⅳ
Wheelbase(mm)4500Tire dimensions9.00-20 16PR
Chassis brand/modelDongfeng/EQ1160GD4DJEngine brand/modelCummins/ISB170 40


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