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Product descriptions: Oil tank truck also known as the flow fuel trucks, computer tax control trucks, oil tankers, oil trucks, edible oil tankers, mainly used for transport and storage derivatives Of oil  (gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricants and coal tar and other oil) . Special part of the oil is made up of tank,  power take off, drive shaft, gear pump, pipe network system and other components. Pipe network system consists of oil pump, three-way four-ball valve, two-way ball valve, filter, pipe composition.

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High Performance & Heavy Duty Fuel Tank Trucks By Leading Manufacturers in China

At Wuhan Yangluo Port Service Co., Ltd. we can never let you in any disruption caused by a faulty fuel tank. We are expert Fuel tank truck manufacturers in China that assure maximum safety and performance to carry highly flammable and vulnerable fuels. We assure you that any mishap never happens once you have got our fuel tank trucks. We have a comprehensive range of highly quality fuel tank trucks manufactured with state of the art engineering up to highest level of performance, safety, flexibility, and mobility. No matter what challenges come in the way of fuel tank trucks such as long distances, harsh environmental conditions, and other vulnerabilities, we are prepared to deliver unmatchable performance. As one of the leading fuel tank trucks manufacturers in China our fuel tank trucks are equipped with in-bed auxiliary fuel tanks, essentials tool box, and combos, extensive replacement fuel containers, DOT refueling tanks. Our range of fuel truck tanks is used and praised some of the leading fuel suppliers.

Innovative Customization Built For You

Customized trucks, modified specifications, made for versatile needs. Wuhan Yangluo Port Service Co., Ltd. offers fantastic discounts and sale offer on the complete range of fuel tank trucks. As one of the most reliable Truck fuel tanks manufacturers located in China, we have integrated hi-tech innovations and features that not only assure safety while transporting fuel but also improves the performance of trucks. We have added all new fuel efficient, high-performance engine that never compromises truck performance even with extremely high loads. We offer fuel tanks to serve the extensive range of fuels which includes propane, diesel, gasoline, refined fuel. To assure the highest quality, our tanks are featured with water and dust control features that prevent dust and water inclusion to mix with fuel. Unlike other fuel tank truck manufacturers, we follow strict design and development conducts and strictly keeps attention to every detail making our productions flawless.

What Benefits Our Fuel Tank Trucks Can Offer

Wuhan Yangluo Port Service Co., Ltd. prides itself as a leading food truck and truck fuel tanks manufacturers of China offering custom design trucks. Our complete range of fuel tank trucks are made with premium quality aluminum, stainless steel and every product of our comes with an approval certificate that assures each truck tanks meets the least eligibility criteria for carrying and transporting fuels. Our featured fuel tank trucks come with adjustable and customized specifications that can be altered according to the user requirement. Our job not only ends once you buy a truck from us, but we never stay behind to offer you the best after sales services making us the largest fuel tanks truck manufacturers in China.


Fuel tank truck (also called oil transport truck, oil truck tanker, light fuel tank truck, truck tank fuel, petrol tanker, petrol fuel tank, diesel dispensing truck) is used to transport oil, diesel, gasoline, kerosene, etc.

It can be divided into many compartments to transport different types of fuels, lubricant, crude oil, alcohol……

Oil pump equipped, with pump in pump out function.


—- Dongfeng chassis, perfect performance.

—- Dongfeng engine, super powerful; reliable performance, no overhaul within 100,000 km.

—- Nice shape, rational structure.

—- Fuel pump super powerful, highly efficient, with pump in pump out function.

—- Massive, durable, long service life.


NameFuel tank truckTransport mediumdiesel
Dimensions(mm)6950×2200×2750Tank volume(m³)7.96
Total mass(kg)11495Rated load(kg)6300
Curb weight(kg)5000Maximum speed (km/h)80
fuelDieselEmission standardChina Ⅳ
wheelbase(mm)3800Tire specifications8.25-20 14PR,8.25R20 14PR
Chassis brand/ModelJAC/HFC1071P82K5C2ZEngine Brand/Modeldongfeng/DFA1110SJ11D3
Drive 4×2Brake modeAir brake
Tank  typecylindrical


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