Gasoline tanker buyer from Chile comes to visit our factory

By January 30, 2019News

Mr.Ernst von Leyser Jux from Chile, CEO of one of the biggest Chemical Transport company came to visit our factory yesterday. He plans to buy new gasoline tanks for his new gasoline transport project.

he factory is located at Suizhou city which is famous for commercial vehicle body production. Main products of the factory are gasoline and chemical products transport tankers, oil field tanker trucks, particles and powder transport tankers and so on. The total area of the factory is 100,000 square meters, among of it there are more than 10 workshops. The gross area of workshops is 40,000 square meters. Factory has 382 production machines. The key manufacturing equipment and test apparatus is imported from USA and Germany. Two aluminum ally tankers production lines have been brought in our factory in 2012 and got European ADR certificate in year 2013.

With the help of the engineer working in the factory, Mr. Ernst visited most of the workshops, such as: parts accessories workshops, assemble workshop, tests and quality check center, painting room. We also showed him that high quality parts we import from German and USA. Mr. Ernst said that “you guys really know how to produce a tanker with high quality, even though you don’t have a standard production process like European or USA, but the gasoline tanker you made is good.

It took almost one hour to finish the visits of all the workshops. After that, Mr. Ernst had a meeting with the technical team. Since, Mr. Ernst is very professional, he printed all the technical information and brought it to the factory. Mr. Ernst and the engineer team of our factory had a meeting to discuss details of the gasoline tankers that can fit for Mr. Ernest’s demands.

As a German, Mr. Ernest has a very high quality standards. He showed our engineer team that what kind of material, which brand of axle, and the way that bolts and other parts connect to each other. The engineer team said there is no problem we can manufacture petrol tankers that can meet Mr. Ernest requirements.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Ernest decided to keep in touch with us and try to start cooperation with us step by step. He would like to or one sample tanker at first. Then increase the purchasing volume later.

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