How to Start a Mobile Food Business

on October 9th, 2017

Food trucks are coming back. It’s been a while since you heard about a great food truck business. Most thought they were gone forever, but guess what? A new generation of food lovers is starting the trend again. In the last few years, we’ve seen more and more food truck businesses popping up, with a variety of cuisines, and types of food. You can find unique combinations you never would have thought existed, and discover a new love for peanut butter on a hamburger, jelly and scrambled eggs or Japanese puffer fish.

While these food combinations may seem weird, they’ve been quite popular in the recent years. Street-food lovers are lining up once again for hours outside, just to get their hands on some weird food combination. The street-food industry has never enjoyed so much publicity and notoriety.

Perhaps the reason food trucks have become so popular is the slow growing economy. People are moving to seek inexpensive breakfast, lunch or dinners that can be picked up in a minute due to long working hours and shorter breaks. With inexpensive pricing, the concept of food trucks has never been more appealing. They’re convenient, mobile, and affordable and most of time, serve pretty good food.

Looking at this as an entrepreneur, now’s the right time to invest your time, energy and money into something similar to this idea. You can start a mobile food business, not only through food trucks but also food carts, kiosks, and trailers. It all depends on what suits you the best and how you think you can stand out from the crowd. My favorite one has to be food trucks. You never have to worry about location. If you think a place is impacting how much you’re selling, you can, well, easily just get up and move. You can travel across states and make your mark with delicious, unique combinations anywhere you go. And here’s all the information you need to start a food truck business.

Buy the truck

Yes, buying a big food truck may seem like a good idea, more kitchen space, more storage and whatnot, but sometimes, the bigger isn’t the better. Buying a food truck based just of off its size is sheer stupidity. When you’re starting up, going with a food truck that already has everything equipped is perhaps the best idea. This makes your life a lot easier because then the only thing you have to worry about our papers. Every city has its special requirements so if you plan to move around a lot, you definitely should look into that.

When buying a food truck, you must think about what you’re serving, how you’re serving, are you going to be cooking it, proper exhaust functions, and how mobile is your food truck going to be. The best practice is to go for the trailer food truck that offers best price along with all the necessary features and specifications that you will require to run your restaurant.

This is just the foundation and if you find one that doesn’t meet your basic requirements, it’s a good idea to not buy it unless you want to be spending more money than necessary.

Customize it

This is where a good chunk of your budget is going to be spend. No matter what kind of food truck you buy, you are going to have to invest in it to make it match your aesthetic and promote your business properly. Emphasize your uniqueness with eye-catching designs that people can’t ignore. And of course, anything that looks good in a picture is immediately going to attract social media users and give you a free promo. There number of suppliers that offer customized food truck trailers designed exactly according to your need, you can also have recommendations from them.

You can either go with wrapping or painting your truck, this one is completely up to you. Do whatever suits you best, there are zero rules.


Perhaps before getting too into the idea of owning a food truck, you must consider what you’re going to sell. How what you’re selling makes you standout? Are you unique? Well, because if you’re not, you’re going to have a pretty hard time trying to get your food truck business to reach the road of success.

Always keep in mind that your menu should be easy and fast to prepare and affordable. Nobody wants to come to a food truck to buy a $50 hamburger or fries. Unless, of course, they’re the best in the world. But for the most part, try keeping your menu simple and easy. You can have a couple of menu items as seasonal special offers, but mostly, stick to affordability and classic taste.

Branding, Promotion, and Customer Service

The next place where most of your budget is going to be dedicated to. You can promote your brand through social media, and of course, customized cups, plates and all that disposable stuff is going to need your business’ name on it.

The more you promote yourself online and offline, the easier it will be for your brand to have a chance at being successful. With the world today, you get ten people to do something, and 20 follow. Keep that in mind. Give them the best service possible and you’ll never have to worry about not making customers.

Locate and Park

Before you move out to travel the country and carry your food truck with you everywhere, you’ll need to build a base. Find a location where you think people need your food, and sell away. The more sales you make here, the better it will be for you when you travel around.

Stick to a single place for a while to get people to notice you. For how long? That’s all up to you. The faster you see the results you want, the sooner you’ll be able to take your food truck places.

Once you have people spreading the word, there’s nothing to worry about. Just don’t forget those licenses and certificates we talked about earlier.

The place you park at must also be safe and legal. Your food truck should always be where people are but don’t do anything that will leave you no choice but to close your business down.

Better safe than sorry for this one. Running a food truck business is not an easy task, and not everyone can do it. But if you think you have the passion for it, do give it a try!


We would love to help you in setting up your very own mobile restaurant. All you have to is keep visiting WNP Trucks to get more useful information and updates.

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