Food trucks
and Trailers

  • Product name:food trucks
  • Dimensions:5995×2100×2975
  • Total mass:7300
  • Curb weight:4440
  • Fuel:diesel
  • Wheelbase:3300
  • Drive mode:4×2
  • Dimensions:xx
  • Rated load:2730
  • Max speed:95
  • Rated load:2730
  • Engine brand:Changchai/4B28BTCI
  • Displacement2834


  • Product name :Water sprinkler truck
  • Dimensions :8200x1250x2495
  • Total mass :16000
  • Curb weight :5340
  • Fuel :diesel
  • Wheelbase :4500
  • Horsepower:125/170
  • Tank volume :12
  • Rated load :10465
  • Tire dimension:9.00-20 16PR
  • Max speed:90
  • Engine brand:Cummins/ISB170 40
  • Displacement :5900

Fuel Tank

  • Product name :Fuel tank truck
  • Dimensions :6950×2200×2750
  • Total mass :11495
  • Curb weight :5000
  • Fuel :diesel
  • Wheelbase :3800
  • Horsepower:91/124
  • Dive mode:4×2
  • Tank type:cylindrical
  • Tank volume:7.96
  • Rated load:6300
  • Engine brand:dongfeng/DFA1110SJ11D3
  • Displacement :3856


  • Product name :Wrecker truck
  • Dimensions :5997x2300x2200
  • Total mass :4495
  • Curb weight :3100,3300
  • Fuel :diesel
  • Wheelbase :3300
  • Horsepower:70/95
  • Drive mode:4×2
  • Flatbed size:4.1×2.3
  • Max speed:95
  • Emission :China/Euro IV
  • Engine brand:Changchai/4B28BTCI
  • Displacement :2834


  • Product name :Refrigerator trucks
  • Dimensions :5995*2090*2950
  • Total mass :4495
  • Curb weight :2870
  • Fuel :diesel
  • Wheelbase :3300
  • Horsepower:70/95
  • type:van
  • dimensions:4100*1910*1900
  • Thickness:5-8
  • Rated load:1495,1430
  • Engine brand:Changchai/4B28BTCI
  • Displacement :2834

Mobile stage

  • Product name :Stage car
  • Dimensions :9990×2495×3800
  • Total mass :11980
  • Curb weight :11785
  • Fuel :diesel
  • Wheelbase :5600
  • Horsepower:160
  • Van length :7.6
  • Rated load :xx
  • Power(KW):118
  • Maximum speed:98
  • Engine brand:Dongfeng
  • Displacement :4752

Led advertising

  • Product name :Led advertising van
  • Dimensions :5995X2090X3150
  • Total mass :4400
  • Curb weight :4205
  • Fuel :diesel
  • Wheelbase :3300
  • Horsepower:75/102
  • Side Screen :3840×1760
  • Led Strip Screen :1280×1440
  • Rated load:/
  • Maximum speed:95
  • Engine brand:Changchai/CY4T75-CE4
  • Displacement :3707


  • Product name:Fire engines Dongfeng
  • Dimensions:7025x2095x2840
  • Total mass:9400
  • Curb weight:5560
  • Fuel:diesel
  • Wheelbase:3800
  • Effcient range:55m/1.0Mpa
  • Rated load:3350
  • Horsepower:90/145
  • Rated load:3350
  • Engine brand:Chaochai/CY4102-E3C
  • Displacement:3856


  • Product name :Dust suppression truck
  • Payments :Negotiable/FOB,CIF
  • MIQ :1
  • Place of origin :Suizhou,Hubei,China
  • Delivery :15-45days
  • Engine :Cummins ISD210 50
  • Maximum speed(km/h):90
  • Emission standard:China/Euro Ⅴ
  • Tire specifications:95
  • Emission standard:Cummins/ISB210 50
  • Engine brand/Model:Cummins/ISB210 50
  • Displacement(mL):6700
  • Horsepower(PS):155/2

Welcome to WNP Special Trucks.

Customized Concession Trailers and Food Trucks Manufactured for Your Needs.

Wuhan Running-Star E-Business CO.,LTD. is a leading expert and lucrative trailer food truck manufacturers established in March 2009 mainly operates from Wuhan Xiang. Our core business foundation is laid to cater challenging food industry requirements for the self-employed business owner by providing state of the art food trucks and concession trailers.Eating is something that never stops regardless of the economy. We help you to figure out and serve the hungry. We are the leading manufacturers of trailer food trucks that allow you setup a very own restaurant with at least half of the overhead cost as compared to a full fledge restaurant space. We are the only food truck concession trailer manufacturers in China that bring utmost flexibility, mobility in our trailer food trucks that promotes profitability by selling your best recipes on wheels.

If you are an individual or a catering service provider and looking to get a perfect facility to serve your expertise via delicious meals, as a leading Food truck concession trailer manufacturers we will provide the exposure and audience. Our food truck concession trailers are equipped with all the necessary facilities that you will require to make the best food. Our custom designed food truck concession trailers are safe with proper storage facilities such as cabinets, drawers to store your goods safely. Wuhan Running-Star E-Business CO.,LTD. is a largest food truck concession trailers manufacturers that built trucks exactly according to the customers demands that deliver your food in style making our products a money making the machine for you. Our expert manufacturers develop food trucks and trailers with specifications to meet your need.

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Corporate Culture


Company Mission

To manufacture top-quality state of the art food truck concession trailer and provide unparalleled after sales services for maximum customer profitability. Not just enabling customers to spread delicious food but love.

Company Vision

To become China’s brand enterprises and the achievements of a century Foundation. To promote everyone individual and enterprise to sell quality food on wheels and spread the love of food by customized food trailer trucks.

Core Values

Regard the business as a social cause to complete, to create a healthy and wonderful life.


Continuous development in enhancing the quality and the performance of food trucks and trailers by relentless integration of technology and advancements. Making Self-improvement and hard work the key.

Business Philosophy

Manufacturing the best food trucks and concession trailers that enables everyone to develop and run their own restaurant.  Creating new ways to cut cost on building restaurants and to reach wider audience.

What Our customers Say

WNP trucks is professional European standards food truck trailer suppliers and also fuel tank trucks, they offer incredible features with the best price. Their engineers and technicians are very technical, as they design and assemble the censor system on the fuel tank truck for me. They are very patient and willing to modify the tanker fuel truck for my mobile gasoline feeding project. We purchased the fuel feeding trucks for them. What we received from WNP trucks are not just cold trucks with high quality, but warm and reliable services.

Gasoline fuel trucks

WNP trucks is a good and patient electric food truck and food truck trailer supplier and manufacturer. They offer the external appearance design of what I want. They can make perfect food truck or concession food truck trailer for me based on my demand on food machines and sizes.

Choose WNP is not just more than a food truck, but a professional supplier for your restaurant on wheels.

food truck

WNP trucks is very professional and helpful. As one of my client needs SINO H7 high cab tractors in stock, I talked to several different suppliers, They all can’t offer me truck tractors in stock. Finally I talked to WNP trucks, they find a way to collect with the agencies of SINO trucks in different cities of China and help me to get the quantity of tractor trucks in stock. I am very grateful that they help me to satisfied my client and get the deal closed. And now they offer better after-sales services to me than my other suppliers.

Sino Truck Tractor

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